Quick Tips! Media Buying as a Group

Videos September 16, 2019

Looking for a way to stretch your advertising dollars further? In this Quick Tips! video, Cheryl Broom shares the success story of a consortium in California that pooled its resources to create a unifying brand to promote Career Education for its twelve colleges.

To learn more about this project, listen to How to Calculate ROI to Drive Stakeholder Buy In

Hi, I’m Cheryl Broom, president of Interact Communications. And it might look like I’m in Hawaii right now, but I’m not. I’m in San Diego at a beautiful hotel in Mission Beach, where I just wrapped up two fantastic days with the California Community College Public Relations Organization, also known as CCPRO. CCPRO is an organization that’s dedicated to getting community college professionals together, talking about marketing, PR, crisis communications. Just a wonderful organization, and I’ve been thrilled to be a part of it for the last 13 years.

One of the fantastic workshops that I listened to this past week was with Ashley Etchison, who is the director of a Strong Workforce initiative in California. And Ashley’s job has been to take 12 different community colleges, from four competing districts, and unite them all under one common umbrella. She’s been able to take funding and really capitalize on one message for her community, to send potential students to a landing page where they can learn about all the different community colleges in the region. It’s really a brilliant way to do marketing. It’s really the first consortium of its kind in California that’s been able to leverage budgets from all different competing colleges, to come together and to really have one message.

And what I really like about the campaign is that it focuses on career education. So it’s telling students, “Come to our colleges, take a great program, and get out and get a career. This is how much money you’re going to make. These are the type of jobs that are available in our region.” And the campaign is just killing it. Ashley covered the numbers, and she also joined me for a podcast in which she talks about some of the successes of the campaign, and the ROI, and how she’s been showing all of the different college presidents from the region what a fantastic initiative this is.

So, consortiums, kind of a new concept in terms of marketing, but a fantastic one. Imagine you’re out in a rural area. Maybe you’ve got some competing colleges. And instead of you spending a hundred grand, and them spending 60 grand, and another college spending 20 grand, you pool your resources together, you have one fantastic message, and you really try to do what you’re good at doing: getting students in your door.

So go check out our website. It’s readysetcareer.org. We also work with another consortium in Orange County, and their website is futurebuilt.org. Take a look at it. You’ll be really amazed by how professional it is and how fantastic the messaging. And of course, listen to the podcast. Ashley talks about her successes, some of her challenges. And I think you’ll learn a lot from her experiences.

Well, that’s it. I’m going to enjoy this beautiful San Diego weather, and thank you so much for joining me. I hope to catch you next time. Bye.