Quick Tips! How to Future-Proof Your Marketing

Videos January 31, 2020

Marketing is always evolving. And when it gets busy, it can be difficult to keep up with all of those changes and make time for projects that will benefit your college in the long run. So, how do you keep up? In this Quick Tips! video, Cheryl Broom of Interact gives advice on what you can do to stay up to date on marketing trends and how you can help future-proof your marketing efforts.

Aloha from the beautiful garden island of Kauai. I’m Cheryl Broom, President of Interact Communications. Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian Island, and every time I come here, I just feel like I’ve been brought back in time. In fact, Kauai is where famous movies like Jurassic Park were shot because there are places on the Island that it feels like they haven’t been touched in centuries.

Well, I’m here in Kauai. I’ve done some reflecting on how much things have changed in the marketing sphere. Kauai might still be beautiful and look like it’s remained untouched, but one thing that never remains untouched is marketing. It is changing at such a rapid pace and it’s really difficult to keep up with everything that’s happening. So how do you keep up? How do you keep up and not only how do you keep up, but how do you do a strategy that can prepare you for the future? So that you’re not always running a million miles an hour trying to catch up. So how do you future proof your marketing? Well, I want to talk to you about some ideas I’ve had reflecting on the future of marketing and how community college marketers who suffer from small budgets and not a lot of staff can really do things that prepare you for the future without breaking the bank or making you crazy in the present.

First of all, when putting together your marketing strategy, really pick things that you can grow with. I always recommend rather than having a lot of diverse options, to focus on a couple of strategies that you know will last over time and that your college can continue to capitalize on and do new things and grow with over time. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be open to change. Keep yourself educated, subscribe to blogs, read news articles. Do things that keep you in the loop of what’s going on in the marketing world. So that way, when it comes time to make a change, or to embrace a new technology, your college will be ready and you’ll be able to jump right in and start trying some new things.

Finally, my big tip for you is, I really think the best way to be prepared for the future is really to make an investment in your college brand. There are always going to be a million strategies, you’re going to get sales calls every single day to try the next big thing. But if you focus on your brand, have great photography, strong brand messages, understand who you are and what you do well, that’s a strategy that’s going to pay off for generations to come. So those are my three tips for you to how to future proof your community college marketing. Aloha. Mahalo for listening and I’ll catch you next time. Thanks, bye.