Quick Tips! Build Better Relationships with Businesses

Videos November 14, 2019

Improving relationships with stakeholders in your community is essential to the college’s success. In this Quick Tips! video, Cheryl Broom, president of Interact, shares advice on how you can take advantage of resources in your community to build those relationships and improve your college’s presence.

To learn more about building relationships with businesses, listen to The Business of Building Community Relationships.

Hi, it’s Cheryl Broom, president of Interact Communications, and today I am coming to you from the rooftop of our beautiful Oceanside office. And behind me you can see downtown Oceanside all the way to Carlsbad. We have a beautiful, beautiful rooftop with hot tubs and lounge furniture, and an ocean view. And I wish I could say that we came up here more as a company, but we’re so busy, we don’t take advantage of the roof nearly as much as we should. Today I want to talk to you about building a better relationship with your local businesses, like your downtowns, and how you can better leverage organizations like the Chamber of Commerce.

So this afternoon, I had a fantastic opportunity to speak with our local Chamber of Commerce executive director, he and I have a podcast on the topic about building better relationships with your local industry, and he gave some fantastic tips that I think any college can implement, to start building those relationships, or strengthening existing relationships between your community college and your local industry. First of all, one of the things that you can do is really take advantage of your chamber resources. If you’re a chamber member, if your college’s a member, you can do things like submit articles to their newsletters, participate in their publications, attend their networking events, give updates at their board meetings.

In fact, when I served on my local Chamber of Commerce board, my favorite part of the board meeting was the last five minutes where we all got to go around the room, and share what was new with our business. That always gave me a fantastic opportunity to share what was going on with the college. And in that five minutes, I had a captive audience of some of the most powerful people in our community, and was really able to share some fantastic ideas with them. Another tip I want to leave you with is, involving your chamber, getting them to come to your campus.

So, Scott and I talked about how some colleges host events, in some of their more interesting parts of the campus. For example, if you have an automotive technology center, or a new career institute, invite your chamber, have a networking event, your foundation can donate some wine and beer, your culinary students can cook up some appetizers, and your board members can attend and network with the local business. Fantastic way to have people come to your campus, and to make a big splash, with both your internal constituents, and the external ones as well.

There are so many fantastic ways for you to take advantage of your local Chamber of Commerce, and your local businesses. I really encourage you to listen to the podcast. Scott shares some amazing ideas, and if you aren’t already connected to your local chamber, do it today. Pick up the phone, they love new members and I’m sure they would invite you with open arms. And that’s it. If you ever come to Oceanside, California, please make sure to give me a call or shoot me over an email, I will gladly take you to the roof of our beautiful building, and share this great view with you as well. That’s it for today. Thank you so much for joining me, and I’ll see you next time. Bye