Be a Better Listener: How to Welcome Students of All Backgrounds, Share Their Stories, and Support Them in Their Educational Journeys

Podcast July 16, 2020

MiraCosta College Academic Counseling Department Co-Chair Dr. Adrean Askerneese works face-to-face with students every day. He has a doctorate degree and Master of Arts in marriage and family counseling from USC, a Master of Science from SDSU, and a bachelor’s degree from Point Loma Nazarene. He was also recently honored for his work with student athletes and is a driving force for equity and social justice at his college.

In this episode, Dr. Askerneese shares his personal story about starting college. He and Cheryl Broom also discuss how critical it is to listen to students so you can tell their stories with respect, support them, and show that they and students of all backgrounds matter.