20 Memes that Describe The Struggles of a Community College Marketer Perfectly

Blog February 21, 2020

Our lives as community college marketers can be described in many ways: fast-paced, challenging, and most of all, rewarding. Keep reading for 20 memes that describe life as a community college marketer perfectly, and remind us to see the humor in things (thanks, internet!).

1. We’ve all been here…

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2. “I have some new ideas for the team.”

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3. Not again!

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4. You’ll never catch me!

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5. You thought this day would never come.

6. Sure thing…

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7. Let me get right on that!

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8. Don’t we all?

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9. Of course not…

10. Without a doubt.

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11. “What do you do, exactly?”

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12. One word: Why?

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13. *Closes laptop*

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14. Smart move!

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15. “Don’t worry… I got this.”

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16. Can we have a moment of silence, please…

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17. Or is it?

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18. Finally!

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19. A true moment of satisfaction.

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20. A glorious day.

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